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About MOPH

My Own Private Hollywood (or MOPH for short) is an independently owned festival that travels from city to city, exhibiting short and feature-length movies and films from creatives all over the world. Each year, we select projects that are fresh, illuminating and unconventional enough to not only showcase the producers' talents but also tell original stories and captivate new audiences. Because we have yet to present our first festival, there are little to no criteria for the content submitted. Rules and other guidelines in this respect will emerge in later years, after we receive ample feedback from patrons. The objective of the participating creatives shouldn't be to reach Hollywood but to have "Hollywood" reach them by sharing their stories with the masses, starting their own production companies and improving their local economies. Currently, we're only accepting submissions from creatives in the United States.

Our mission (with MOPH) is to enhance the marketing, distributing and merchandising opportunities for creatives worldwide, allowing them to successfully enter the entertainment industry without facing adversity, prejudice or nepotism. We feel that if "unknowns" display their works in venues and arenas outside the internet, they can penetrate more markets, capture wider audiences, discover merchandising opportunities not yet realized and obtain greater recognition. Their bold endeavors might even influence other hopefuls to pursue their dreams as well, ultimately allowing aspiring moviemakers to lead better, more fulfilled lives.

Currently, there is no information available regarding show times or exact locations for MOPH. We'll begin accepting content after we've secured the money, resources and equipment to host the event. Stay tuned via our social media channels.

About the Event

We plan to host each MOPH event in an interior setting, such as a theater or college, although we are not totally closed to the possibility of having it outside. At the site, a patron may pay $5 for a ticket (to attend the event) and at least $1 for a food or drink item. The ticket pays for his/her admission from the moment of receipt to the end of the event's course. A forever ticket allows a patron to attend MOPH for free once a year, paying only for his/her admission. Forever tickets, which recipients may automatically renew every 10 years, are non-transferable and non-negotiable. Feel free to ask us how to attain one. Upon entering the screening room, our staff will stamp your ticket, allowing you to exit and return (to the screening room) if needed.


50% of revenue generated from ticket and concession sales during the event, sans taxes, will be equally disbursed to all creatives whose content appears in the festival. These payments are their royalties. The other 50% will go to MOPH itself. The payee of a royalty is the individual or company that submitted the (featured) content. The creative will be required to complete a W-9, after which he/she/it will receive a check of his/her/its earnings and, after the start of the new year, a 1099-MISC, which the IRS requires the payee and us to file. Let's say that we sell 200 $5 tickets and 400 $3 snacks at an event with 20 exhibiting individuals/companies. Each creative will receive $55, whether or not he/she/it attends. ((5 x 200) + (3 x 400) = 2,200 / 20 = 110 / 2 = 55)


If a creative's work is chosen to appear (in MOPH), we'll ask if he/she/it would like to display a resume, filmography and/or headshot at the site. We plan to invite not only patrons but also local filmmakers, TV outlets and other such people in the film, TV and media industries to watch people's content, review their materials and converse with them. A creative may also showcase and sell merchandise, such as DVDs, toys, T-shirts, etc., promoting his/her/its or other people's work. Merchandisers keep 100% of the income they collect (from their sales). After the festival, we also plan to host a mingle session where creatives, industry insiders and patrons can chat and network.

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Planned Festival Locations

•  Seattle, WA
•  Portland, OR
•  San Francisco, CA
•  Las Vegas, NV
•  Salt Lake City, UT
•  Los Angeles, CA
•  Phoenix, AZ
•  Austin, TX
•  Atlanta, GA
•  Miami, FL
•  Washington, DC
•  Philadelphia, PA
•  New York City, NY
•  Portland, ME
•  Chicago, IL
•  Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN
•  Boise, ID