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Here, you'll find a list of frequently asked questions about MOPH.

When will I have to complete a W-9?

On the day of the event, if your content is chosen to appear in MOPH, we'll confirm your (the payee's) legal name, permanent address and social security number (SSN) or employer identification number (EIN), so you can receive a check after it's ended. We'll prepare a paper document for you to complete at the festival, but if you choose to not appear, we'll email it to you. If your pay is equal or greater than what the state considers taxable miscellaneous income--in Washington, this is $600--we'll send you a 1099-MISC, which the IRS requires you and us to file. We need the information from the W-9 to prepare the 1099-MISC and will not pay you without it. Incidentally, we also plan to share a portion of revenue from distribution sales once we reach that stage, which may occur after MOPH's first or second year.

Is there a deadline by which to submit content?

Not right now. We'll have one available when we begin accepting submissions.

Can I submit more than one movie/film?

Yes, you may submit as much content as you want. Just be aware that, if you submit too many projects at once, it may take us longer than 72 hours to review them all and respond to you.

Will I lose the rights to my work?

Absolutely not. At no point during our handling of your content--evaluation or otherwise--will you lose the rights to your work. If your movie(s) is chosen (to be exhibited), before the festival, we'll ask you to sign a license agreement, permitting us to display your content in exchange for a royalty, which will be a share of 50% in sales. (This SHARE depends on the number of movies scheduled to appear, which we'll have determined before sending out the agreements. Refer to our compensation policy for more details.)

The content on this page is effective as of Sunday, September 16, 2018.